Musicians in Residence - China Programme 2014
Musicians in Residence - China Programme 2014

Anna Meredith,?Arun Ghosh,?Oliver Coates,?Sam Genders?and?Sid Peacock?spent six weeks in cities across China writing new material, exploring creative opportunities and collaborating with local artists.



Anna Meredith?was based in?Hangzhou?(East China), collaborating with the local community during her residency to create an audio tour guide and album. For BBC Radio 3's Music Matters programme, she appeared in three?Postcards from China:?First Postcard from China,?Second Postcard from China,?Third Postcard from China. Prior to her time in?Hangzhou, she created arrangements for The Stranglers and Laura Marling for the 6 Music Prom as well as releasing her?Jet Black Raider EP.


Arun Ghosh?is a clarinettist, educator and composer. After releasing his third album,?A South Asian Suite,?he spent time in?Wuhan?(Central China), collaborating with the local community and exploring the potential for cross-disciplinary work. He partnered with?Vox Livehouse,?K11 Artists Village,?Hu Bei Museum?and the?Wuhan Conservatory of Music.?Previously, Arun was artistic director of?Arkestra Makara,?bringing together artists from across South-East Asia for the BT River of Music Festival as part of the London 2012 Festival.


Sam Genders, currently of?Diagrams?and formerly of Tunng and The Accidental, travelled to?Changsha?(Central China), capital of the Hunan province and one of China’s main industrial centres. Collaborating with members of the local community, from musicians to students, Sam partnered with?Orange Isle Music Festival,?Hunanese Schools and Universities?and the?Red Live Club?and created new musical works based on his experiences.?


Composer, Surge Orchestra leader and Associate Artist at?mac Birmingham,?Sid Peacock, travelled to?Chongqing?(South West China) with the aim of incorporating traditional Chinese musicianship into his Surge Orchestra. Sid kept his followers up to date during his time in China via his?website.?

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