Carma Elliot CMG OBE    Director, British Council China | Minister (Culture and Education), British Embassy Beijing
Carma Elliot CMG OBE

Thank you for visiting the British Council China website - a warm welcome to you all!

In our work, our vision is for the UK to be China’s partner of choice for English language, education and cultural links. Our work is strongly aligned with China’s own development needs and we are responding to the huge demand in China for the English language, higher education, access to British culture and for people to people links, including links between civil societies.?

Where the British Council can make a difference

We respond to the growing appetite in China for international opportunities, showcasing the UK as a desirable place to visit, study and live; and as a partner to meet China’s demand for the high-end skills, expertise and products in the education, services and creative sectors, where the UK is a global leader. Throughout China, we forge partnerships between institutions, government and business which support the UK’s ambitions as a strong and trusted partner in international education, research and student recruitment and exchange.

Our arts programme in China showcases the quality, breadth and innovation of British creative industries and opens new markets and opportunities for the UK cultural sector in China. I hope some of you will have taken part in our cultural programme in 2016, Shakespeare Lives -?a major programme of events and activities celebrating Shakespeare’s work in the 400th anniversary year of his death.?

Our work in English teaching, education, arts and skills – backed up by many years of in-country experience – are well suited to China’s development goals and policies to restructure its economy: to expand the service sector, promote creativity and innovation, and build a strong knowledge-based economy.

We also work to enhance understanding of China in the UK. We support the teaching of Chinese in the UK and encourage young people in the UK to connect with China, ensuring the next generation of UK business, education and creative leaders have the skills and experience to work effectively with their Chinese peers.

I hope you enjoy exploring our new website, finding out more about our work and getting involved with our programmes.?

Carma Elliot